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The Tudors

Henry the VII
Henry VII
The First Monarch.
    Henry VII
Born: January 28 1457
Pembroke Castle, Wales
Coronation: October 30 1485
Westminister Abbey
Died: April 21 1509
Richmond Palace

The Tudor dynasty began with the victory of Henry VII of Lancaster at Bosworth Field over the Richard III of York.  Henry married Elizabeth of York, and united the two rival families on January 18 1486.  They had Arthur, Prince of Wales, Margaret, Queen of Scots, Henry VIII of England, Elizabeth Tudor, Mary, Queen of France, Edmund Tudor, Duke of Somersot, Edward Tudor, and Katherine Tudor.  All of his children had a strong claim to the throne.  Henry VII acknowledged Henry VIII as his heir.  Elizabeth, Edmund, Edward, and Katherine all died in infancy.

Family and Childhood of Henry VII
    Henry VII was born on January 28 1457 at Pembroke Castle, Wales.  His father was Edmund Tudor and his mother was Margaret Beaufort.  Henry's paternal granparents are Owen Tudor and his grandmother is believed to be Catherine of Valois. Henry's mother
was a member of the House of Beaufort, and the great-granddaughter of John of Gaunt.  John's mistress of 25 years, Katherine Swynford, was the mother of John Beauford, Henry VII great-grandfather.
Henry the VIII
Henry VIII

Family Tree

The Tudor family tree - courtesy Google images